BavarianDEMON Axon Flybarless System


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Bavarian Demon Axon

3-Axis Flybarless Gyro System

Especially developed for all kind of RC helicopter, the AXON combines all State-of-the-Art features, without leaving a simple handling behind – primarily including the soon available Android- & iOS-Apps via Bluetooth. As one of the most important details when out at the flying field is the intuitive and easy handling and tuning of all parameter without the need of a PC or separate programming unit.

The AXON will convince with its ultra-precise flight control, latest 32-bit technology, up to 3 bank sets, intelligent vibration analysis and, for all who do not want to miss a single thing, now including a governor function for electric and gaser/nitro. Moreover the AXON is compatible with all common analog and digital serial Tx/Rx protocols. This innovative technology, available to all RC pilots out there, comes in a brand new X-housing made of fire-red aluminum. It all simply feels great, and in the twinkling of an eye you will find yourself on a new level of performance.

Bavarian Demon AXON



  • Ultra-precise flight control
  • Latest 32-bit technology
  • Multiple Horizon- and Rescue modes
  • 3 bank sets
  • Integrated governor (electric and gaser/nitro)
  • Intelligent vibration analysis
  • Android & iOS App Multi protocol input
  • Future-proof via online update
  • Prepared with sensor bus


  • AXON main unit
  • Double-sided mounting tape, one each of ‚Acro‘ ACP and ‚Soft‘ ACP
  • Cable loom to receiver (150mm)
  • Mini USB cable Product information


The mobile app software (Android and iOS) will appear shortly. We will keep you up to date.

  • Software (Win / MacOS) AXON & CORTEXPRO SOFTWARE

    This software is suitable for AXON & CORTEXPRO.
    It features an auto-detection of the connected device, and can be set to English or German.

    DOWNLOAD: bavarianDEMON_ACP_1.02_setup.exe (17,4 MB)

    V1.02 update details:
    Mandatory for CORTEXpro firmware V1.1/1100. This enables additional configuration parameter and options with the CORTEXpro via software.
    Note: This software will automatically update any CORTEXpro to firmware V1.1 when connected. Any previous configuration will not be changed or deleted from the device.

  • Apps (iOS / Android) at the relevant stores.

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