SoXos 550 Combo - Blue/Orange


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The SOXOS 550 is the perfect compromise between stability and agility with ingenious technology that makes a lot of fun while flying! 

Included in kit:

1x Soxos 550 KIT
1x Hobbywing ESC: 6S - 100A (BEC 10A)
1x Brushless Motor: 920kv 6S
1x Pinion: 19 Teeth (Gear ratio 7.94)
3x Swashplate servos: SX-3206MG HV-Brushless
1x Tail servo: SX-3207MG HV-Brushless
1x Main blades: 550mm
1x Tail blades: 90mm
1x Canopy Blue/Orange
1x Manual

Recommended Components (not included in the kit):

- Flybarless System
- 6S 5000 - 6000 mah Lipo 
- Transmitter / Receiver

Technical description

Length: 1,150mm
Height: 330mm
Weight (without battery): 2,780g
Main rotor diameter:  1,250mm
Gear ratio main rotor - motor: 1:7.94
Gear ratio main rotor - tail rotor: 1:4.8
Main shaft: 10mm
Spindle shaft: 8m

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