Xnova 4025-560KV with 6mm Shaft - Shaft B


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Xnova 4025-1120KV with 6mm Shaft - Shaft B

This is the Xnova 4025-560KV 3Y Brushless Motor with a 6mm "Type B" 28mm Shaft. This high performance brushless motor was developed for the Goblin 570 and is recommended for sport flying on 8-10S or extreme 3D on 10-12S.


  • "B Shaft" 28mm long, 6mm diameter
  • Ideal for Goblin 570 on 10-12S
  • Good for sport flying on 8-10S or extreme 3D on 10-12S
  • High quality Neo Magnets, heat resistant up to 150 degree C
  • Specialized wires, heat resistance up to 250 degree C
  • Precision balanced
  • High performance stator metal sheet
  • Optimized ventilation
  • High quality NMB bearings
  • Marked leading high efficiency up to 92%
  • Superb quality and machining of CNC parts


Slots & Poles:  24n8p
 Winding T:  3Y
Volt (V):  10 | 20 | 30
Io(A):  0.9 | 1.2 | 1.6
Weight (without connector): 384g
Body Length (no shaft):  55.75mm
Diameter:  49.5mm
Shaft Length:  28mm
Shaft Diameter:  6mm
Max Eff. Curr.:  21.76 | 35.54 | 50.26
Kt (Nm/A):  0.0171
Km (Nm/sqrt(w)):  0.1237
Max Continuous Power (Watts):  3000
Peak Continuous Power (Watts) (5 sec):  4000
Max cont. current (A):  68

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