SAB Goblin 570 Sport - Drake Edition


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The Goblin 570 Sport is an evolution from the original Goblin 570. The new Goblin 570 Sport features an "F3C style" landing gear, similar to the landing gear that comes with the Goblin Thunder Sport 700, as well as a more affordable canopy and boom in a great new scheme. This kit comes with main and tail blades and the new Drake matte color scheme.


Main rotor diameter: 1278 mm (with 570 mm blades)
Main blade length: 550 to 575mm
Tail rotor diameter: 260 mm
Tail blade length: 95 mm
Main shaft diameter: 10 mm
Spindle shaft diameter: 8 mm
• Cyclic Servos: Standards size 40mm
• Tail Servo: Standard size (40mm)
• Typical Speed Controller:
- 6S 120A
- 12S 130A
• Maximum motor size:
- 4025 size (52 mm diameter, 56 mm height)
- 6S 1000-1400 Kv
- 12S 500-700 Kv
• Battery compartment:
- 6S 5000/5500 mAh. Max dimension 50x60x200mm
- 12S 2600/3300 mAh. Max dimension 50x45x280mm

Kit Includes:
- 21T motor pulley (other pulley sizes available)
- 1 battery tray with straps
- 570 mm main blades
- 95 mm tail blades

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