HobbyWing Platinum PRO V4 - 40A (3S-4S)

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Model Platinum 40A ESC V4
Input Voltage  3-4S LiPo
Cont./Peak Current (10s) 40A/60A
(Switch-mode) BEC Switch Mode:5-8V,7A
Separate Programming Port For connecting LCD Program Box/WIFI Express
Throttle Signal/BEC Output/RPM Signal Transmission Wire(s) White Throttle Signal Wire/Red & Black BEC Output Wires/ Yellow RPM Signal Transmission Wire
Input Wires Red-14AWG-100mm*1/Black-14AWG-100mm*1
output wires Black-16AWG-75mm*3
Output connectors 3.5mm Gold Connectors (Female)
Weight/Size 47g / 48x30x15.4mm



 HOBBYWING Governor function explained (PDF)

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