iCharger X6 800W 30A 6S Battery Charger


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The latest in the iCharger series. The X6 produces more punch in a smaller form factor. Fitting in the palm of your hand, the DC powered X6 has a maximum power rating of up to 800w and is compatible with 1-6s (cells) Li-Ion, Lipo and LiFePO4 batteries. As well as 1-20 sell NiMH, NiCD and Lead Acid batteries.

The iCharger X6 has specifically been designed with the FTV and Drone racer in mind. Its compact, high powered and features a large LCD screen that allows the user to easily select desired charge cycle or view battery status.

The iCharger X6 has integrated input and output XT60 connector. Allowing for quick connection to popular XT60 connectors commonly used in small to mid-size multirotors and drones.


Input Voltage Range: 7-32v DC
Input Current: 0-35a
Charge Current Range: 0.05-30a
Max Power: 800w
Lipo / Lilo / Life Cell Count: 1-6s
NiCD and NiMH Cell Count 1-20s
Lead Acid Cell Count: 1-20s
Temperature Control: Yes
PC Connectivity: Yes
Dimensions: 83mm x 65mm x 37mm
Weight: 168g

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