iSDT Q8 500W 20A 8S Smart Charger


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iSDT Q8 500W 20A 8S Smart Charger

  • The New Generation of Pocket Chargers: 500W high power, max. 20A charging current, support for 1-8S batteries.
  • IPS Screen: Low power consumption: 2.4” IPS screen, auto-brightness adjustable, 178° angle of visibility, clear and distinct display. Functions in difficult environments and angles as well as in strong sunshine.
  • Higher power, compact size: Further-upgraded power volume ratio. Achieves a 67% increase compared to the ISDT Q6Pro charger.
  • Advanced cooling air duct, active cross-flow duct design, initiative ball bearing cooling fan with accurate designed aluminum alloy fins and Hi-Tech silicon heat conduct pad, high efficiency heat dissipation system.
  • New touch experience: Touch operation replaces traditional scroll wheel, sturdier and more durable. Tap, slide, and charge all in one go

500W High Power
Max 20A Charging Current
Support 1-8S Lipo Battery

Charging Power: DC 500W
Charging Current: 0.1A-20.0A
Discharging Power: 15W
Discharging Current: 0.1A-1.5A
Input Voltage: DC 10-34V
Ouput Voltage: DC 1-34V
Supported Batteries: LiFe,Lion,LiPo 1-8S
Pb: 1-12S
NiMH: 1-16S
Balance current: 1.5A/Cell Max
Size: 80 x 80 x 34 mm

Package content:
1X ISDT Q8 Charger


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