SoXos Strike 7


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soXos Strike7, Allrounder of the 700 class!

«A must for every Pilot!»

Because of the sophisticated design, the soXos Strike7 provides maximum strength and rigidity with a minimum take-off weight.

This allows you to fly the helicopter very precisely for the hardest 3D maneuvers and it stays where you want it. Because of the light mechanics you can also have a lot of fun with the Strike7 for low RPM flights.

For optimum visibility of the soXos Strike7 in every orientation, a large canopy with clearly visible colors is used.

Features soXos Strike7:

- Made of a one-piece milled aluminum main frame for minimal weight and maximum stiffness.
- The intelligent construction allows for simple maintenance and easy replacement of individual components.
- With the battery quick change system, the batteries can be changed swiftly and easily.

- With the large battery Space, you can use Lipos up to 12S-6500mAh.
- A Robust full helical drive train made of special composite plastic ensures optimal power transmission.



- All Motors can be used from standard 700 class up to 850 class, with 6 mm or 8 mm shaft.
- The Motor pinion is carried in a bearing on the bottom, for this reason you can use all shaft lengths. (Minimum 20mm, Maximum 60mm)
- The Gear ratio goes from 1:7.94 with a 19t Pinion up to 1:10.06 with 15t a Pinion.




- A strong and short main rotor head for maximum precision during extreme manoeuvres.
- Specially developed main Head-Dampers for the highest Precision across a range of headpeeds.



- Damped tail rotor housing, which provides vibration free operation.
- The simple and effective torque tube transmits the servo’s rotary motion right to the tail pitch slider without play.
- The Canopy is held by strong magnets making canopy fitment a breeze.
- The high-quality material of the rear drive belt prevents static electricity issues.





Kit includes:

- soXos Strike7 Kit
- Pinion 16t/6mm for Motors from 520-560KV/12S
- Battery tray
- Canopy red/yellow
- Manual

Recommended Parts (not included in the Kit):

- Flybarless-System
- ESC: 12S from 130A
- Motor: 700 - 850 class with 450KV - 560KV / 6mm or 8mm shaft (Maximum size Motor: diameter 63mm, height 64mm)
- Swash servos 3pcs.: min. 14kg/cm
- Tail servo: min. 6kg/cm
- Main blades 685mm - 710mm
- Tail blades: 105mm - 115mm
- 12S Battery 4000 - 6500mAh (maximum size: width 62mm, height 68mm, length 350mm)
- Transmitter / Receiver

Gear Ratios  (Pinion are available for 6mm or 8mm Motor-shaft)

15 Teeth: 10.06
16 Teeth:   9.43 (included in kit for 6mm shaft)
17 Teeth:   8.87
18 Teeth:   8.38
19 Teeth:   7.94

Technical description

- Weight of the mechanics without electronic components & blades: ca. 2,200 g
- Weight of the mechanics without Battery: ca. 3,750 g
- Main Rotor diameter: ca. 1,563 mm with 690mm Blades
- Lenght: 1,340 mm
- Height: 340 mm

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