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The Synergy 516 Electric Flybarless Helicopter has been designed from the ground up to be one of the lightest weight within it's class, yet delivering incredible performance! Incorporating the classic Synergy design standards, the overall fit, finish, and quality found within the kit will be second to none. 2mm Carbon Fiber is found through out the model (specifically on the side frames, and vertical tail fin), and full CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum is found throughout, paired with lightweight yet strong Delrin components, the 516 will not disappoint pilots in regards to durability, and precision.

The Rotor Head has specifically been designed with today's 3D flight in mind, by offering a wide 140mm head width which provides optimal disk loading. The extra wide head block provides quick cyclic response & high stability. Maximum performance was always a design concept, and with this thought in mind, the headspeed on the model is extremely flexible and capable of running upwards of 2800+ rpm!

The Tail Rotor was designed with a 6mm wide belt, optimal for keeping maintenance low for pilots looking to concentrate on flying rather than building and repair! The belt additionally utilizes a spring tension system, which provides a quick way to set the belt tension correctly each and every time. The Tail Rotor it's self utilizes a 6mm output shaft, with HD Tail Rotor Hub & Tail Rotor Grips. Lastly, the boom utilizes a large 24mm OD self-supporting boom, which does not need conventional style boom supports for strength.

For a final touch, the model features through out turnbuckle style linkages, allowing the utmost precision in set up when pilots are looking to chase that 0.5 degree of blade pitch, or make finite adjustments to the swashplate linkages for a perfectly level swash during set up. The battery tray additionally incorporates a variable C.G. system, & quick lock mechanism for ease of insertion and removal.

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