Synergy N556 Kit (Nitro)


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  • CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum and Delrin components
  • 2mm Carbon Fiber Frame components
  • 140mm full head width
  • Extra wide head block for quick cyclic response and high stability
  • 2450 RPM head speed for maximum performance
  • Machined Delrin helical main drive for quiet, efficient power transfer
  • Machined Delrin helical tail drive
  • One-piece aluminum front tail transmission
  • Efficient torque tube tail drive
  • Fuel tank located under main shaft for consistent CG
  • 10mm main shaft with triple support radial bearings
  • 8mm head axle with pivot rocker and solid dampers
  • 6mm tail shaft with HD tail hub and HD grips
  • Turnbuckle linkages for quick/precise adjustments



  • Motor: 55 class nitro engine
  • Main Blades: 550-556mm (stretchable to 606mm)
  • Tail Blades: 95-96mm
  • Receiver Battery: 2S 2000-2800mAh
  • Cyclic/Tail/Throttle Servos: Full Size
  • Main Ratio: 7.44-8.5 (16T included; 7.44:1)
  • Tail Ratio:  4.37-4.5:1 (35T included; 4.37:1)
  • Main Rotor Diameter 1252mm (with Rail 556mm)
  • Tail Rotor Diameter 238mm (with Rail 96mm)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 14oz


Official Synergy Recommended Equipment:

This is the exact equipment tested and proven in the Synergy N556, results may vary if equipment outside of this recommendation is used.

  • Cyclic Servos - Futaba BLS272 and MKS 1240
  • Tail Servo - Futaba BLS256/BLS276 and MKS HBL980 (760us tail servo is highly recommended)
  • All HV Servos (no regulator)
  • Motor - OS 55HZR
  • Muffler - OS PowerBoost III
  • Cool Power 30% Nitro Fuel
  • FBL System - CGY750 or Vbar
  • Main Blades - Rail 556mm
  • Tail Blades - Rail 96mm
  • Head speed: 2450 RPM
  • Receiver Battery: 120g or less

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